Our Faith

We are a church with an evangelical creed.

We believe in God, who devotes himself to every single person and who loves unconditionally.

We believe in Jesus Christ, who showed himself to people in a unique way. Jesus showed respect to the despised and brought healing to the broken.
He held on to this message; even though, it cost him his life and he was crucified.
Yet, God stood up for Jesus and raised him from the dead.
Through Jesus, we can see how God is. He loves every single person without conditions. He forgives us all our sins, in which we have been entangled. Everyone can turn around and start a new life with God – no matter how far away we feel from him.

We believe in God, who through his Holy Spirit acts in all those who let themselves be moved by him. His Holy Spirit connects us and lets us follow Jesus’ message in a passionate way.